Loans secured with proven help for creditors

Loans secured with proven help for creditors

What do we mean by the concept of a real estate loan. We accept various types of collateral, we grant loans under a mortgage, we will successfully cooperate with persons whose collateral is charged by the bailiff. It is worth staying with us, asking for the loan terms, because searching in other companies will only lose your time.

Pledged loans – proven help for creditors

Pledged loans - proven help for creditors

Thanks to the developed system of contact with clients, we grant funds for any purpose in a moderately fast way. The claim against agricultural land, agricultural land of 2 ha above is intended for farmers and people who have agricultural land on the most favorable financial conditions in the industry.

Loans secured by real estate: details. Private loans against real estate – forex against real estate. Real estate consolidation loan – a loan against property for everyone with a structured debt structure.

Then we will send the draft loan agreement to the mortgage

Then we will send the draft loan agreement to the mortgage

And after its approval we will set a date for its finalization. The basic element is also the amount of time it will need to obtain the complete documentation.

Aside from your credit history, you have the chance to get a loan to secure your property. Total loan expenditure from the first, 5% (per month) for a period to be determined separately and with a repayment installment.

We pay loans in amounts from ten. PLN 1,000 to PLN 50,000 in the case of security on the car and from PLN 50,000 to 1,000,000 in the case of security in an apartment or house. The borrower may subsidize his own enterprise or get rid of the debt resulting from the payment requirement at the Social Policy Department or the Tax Office.

Our offer is tailored to your ability


And the idea you have to repay loans, by undertaking cooperation we agree the most convenient way to repay liabilities, so that both websites are satisfied. What i don’t understood is in fact how you are now not really much more smartly-appreciated than you may be now.

You are very intelligent. You realize therefore considerably in terms of this subject, produced me personally imagine it from a lot of varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t interested except it is something to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. Always deal with it up!

4 tips to improve your credit standing – check it out

4 tips to improve your credit standing – check it out

When planning a larger expense, for example buying a car, apartment or building a house, we often think about taking out a loan or a loan. Surely you are wondering what is your credit standing? Will you be able to receive the amount you need? And can you calculate the credit rating yourself?


What is credit standing?

What is credit standing?

Creditworthiness is nothing more than the determination of the amount of the commitment that the consumer is able to repay within the time limit specified in the contract. It is a calculation of a person’s solvency probability. It is determined to minimize the risk borne by the lender. Creditworthiness analysis can be divided into two parts: qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative analysis examines the financial situation. To this end, it takes into account: income, monthly maintenance costs, current debt. Quantitative analysis shows whether the potential borrower will have financial surpluses that he can use to repay the loan. Qualitative analysis, checks the willingness to meet obligations. More precisely, it analyzes your credit history and personal characteristics, such as your job or education. When analyzing creditworthiness, the BIK report is checked.


How to improve your credit standing?

How to improve your credit standing?

  1. Income

Income is a very important element in calculating your creditworthiness. It is best if it is an employment contract. A permanent contract is a guarantee of regular income, which is important for the lender. Short-term contracts and self-employment, to a lesser extent, confirm income stability. To confirm the stability of your income, you can submit your tax return or present a document confirming your receipt of additional income.

  1. Expenses

Your ability is reduced by other obligations you have. In order to improve your credit standing, you can opt out of your credit card (even if you don’t use it). If you have several liabilities, you can consolidate and bring your liabilities to one place, which may result in lower installments. Guaranteeing loans also reduces your ability.

  1. BIK

Another important aspect is the BIK report, i.e. information about your previous and current commitments. Remember that a lack of credit history is to your disadvantage. If you do not have a history of repaid installments, it is worth taking a quick loan for a small amount and paying the installments on time. In this way you will develop a positive story and be a reliable customer for the lender.

  1. Company

Your credit standing can be improved by the right credit companion. If you apply for a loan with your wife or parent, your creditworthiness will be better assessed. This should be a person who receives regular income and has a positive history of repayment of previous obligations.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: How to Win Customers Online?

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: How to Win Customers Online?




Do you have an idea of ​​the importance of digital marketing for small businesses ? Well know that it can mean the difference between getting more customers or getting stagnant with various products on the shelves. No, it’s not an exaggeration.

Keep reading and find out why you need this new strategy in your business as soon as possible:

Why invest in digital marketing?

Why invest in digital marketing?

Having a small business in Brazil is tricky. Many taxes and few incentives greatly hinder business growth, which are often maintained by their owners thanks to a good deal of extra work and little sleep.

Despite the country’s economic turmoil, things have improved a lot for business owners who have decided to make a good investment in digital marketing . And make no mistake: when talking about “good investment”, there is no reference to large sums, but to a strategic use of resources.

As well?

For now, let’s talk about 3 great advantages of digital marketing in advertisements:

  • you can serve advertisements at a low cost;
  • the materials can be displayed directly to the target audience of the business;
  • the return on investment can be calculated in detail.

Let’s illustrate these items with a very simple example. Maybe you’ve never read anything about it, but you’ve certainly seen an advertisement on Facebook or within banners that appear on various websites and blogs.

Creating these ads for your business is something like buying the space on a billboard, but with unique advantages of the internet. The owner of a small tourism enterprise, for example, can:

  • set up ads so they only appear on websites that talk about travel;
  • choose which types of people can view the content, based on characteristics such as age and location;
  • know how many people clicked on the ad, and how many of those clicks led to a purchase (or action that could lead to a purchase, such as a budget request).

This was just a very basic illustration of the advantages of online advertising. The point is that the internet also brings other benefits to companies that decide to invest in it …

Why does your company need to be on the internet?

Why does your company need to be on the internet?

Consumer behavior has changed. 9 out of 10 Brazilians with internet access do research to decide whether to buy a product or hire a service.

As you’ve noticed, non-internet companies miss out on great sales opportunities, but that’s not all. Airlines ARE on the internet and do not have the necessary emphasis ALSO lose sales.

This is where the online presence comes in. Your venture needs to be realized, and this is not going to happen with the help of a Facebook page or that site that was created without any digital marketing strategy.

And what can be done to make a brand look on the internet, then? There are two ways to attract customers online:

  • paid traffic: when you pay for someone to find what is being offered or highlighted;
  • Organic traffic: when the person finds you on the internet without having to pay to receive some kind of prominence.

Each of the above items has several strategies, which can even be used together. Here are some of them:

Content production

The number of blogs and business channels on YouTube has grown a lot in the last few years. And the reason is quite simple: if people are looking for information and reasons to buy something, why does not the brand itself make them available?

Academies, for example, have taken advantage of this to create blogs that talk about health, usually focusing on nutrition and exercise. The aim is to be able to attract the attention of those who seek to know more about healthy lifestyles.

It may even be that the person has never heard of the gym, but now, thanks to an informational text, she knows that the establishment exists. Another advantage of content production is that this action is not just for the attraction of potential customers.

Public loyalty is also something to be achieved through this strategy, as it is possible to give valuable tips to those who already enjoy their products or services, making these individuals have more reason to like your brand.

Social networks

The big problem with social networking is that many companies treat them just like an online billboard for their business. But they are much more than that.

Today, social media is the best channels of customer service you can offer. Do you know why? The person already on the social network does not want to leave there to call or email your company with any questions.

The public wants something quick, less formal and easily accessible. The proof of this is that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are always adding new features to improve the service and the communication power of companies.

Do not use these channels just for bidding. Show that you’re available to respond to customers there and enjoy sharing useful information to the public, such as the contents of your blog.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing, contrary to what many people think, is not dead. Did you know that you can customize the type of message that will be sent to each person on your list according to their behavior within their internet platforms?

Say, for example, that someone selected a product in your online store and did not complete the purchase. This individual, if you are registered, can receive an email with a reminder or even a special offer to complete the process next time.

Another best practice, which is gaining more space now, is to send free materials (such as e-books and infographics) or simply to links to your company’s content that relate to the interest the web user showed when entering the list.

As you have seen, the internet offers several possibilities for growing a business. All of them, nevertheless, need the elaboration of a strategy and certain technical knowledge to be touched. But with a little study and the right help, your venture can get great results .




What happens with the Solberg loans?

With regard to this issue, the OCU ( Organization of Consumers and Users ) has been pronounced, and it has cleared of all doubt what will happen in the event of the closure of the Solberg clinic.

In the statement, they say that all Solberg clients will be able to cancel their loans if they do not receive the treatment or if they close the clinic in question.

They leave no doubt in this regard for which users can rest easy.

” Loans can be canceled if the service is not received ” – OCU

The statement presented by the OCU is clear because it says that all people who have a loan linked to a Solberg Clinic treatment can cancel it if they stop providing the contracted service.

So if we are in this situation that we do not know what will happen with the loan we have purchased with the Solberg Clinic to perform any dental service, we should not worry because in case we stop performing the treatment or close our clinic For money laundering or tax fraud, we can cancel the loan.

In any case, this scenario in which Solberg entities close is unlikely. The sources close to the investigation on the subject affirm that the operation of the franchises should not be affected.

Just in case, to prevent health, the OCU advises that you keep any document that shows the link of the loan to the Solberg CLINIC services, (such as budgets, bills, contracts, financing documentation, etc … )

With this documentation, and in the event that our clinic closes, we must go to the Consumer Services or Police Station to make the corresponding report and be able to complete the procedures for the cancellation of the loan.

How to finance my treatment at another clinic?

If our Solberg clinic closes or if we would like to receive treatment in any other clinic and we do not have the money, or we want to finance it with a serious entity and with guarantees, we have several options.

Depending on the amount that we want we will be more convenient some entities or others, from our website we have searched for the best online loans and we offer them in one place.

Let’s look at the most profitable and safe options, whether you need more than € 1,000 or less than € 1,000.

  • More than € 1,000

Many of the clinical or dental treatments are quite expensive, and as a rule, we do not have the money to face these payments. In order to finance these treatments, we will need a loan of more than € 1,000 as a general rule.

Luckily, there are many types of loans that we can request without having to contract linked products.

Although it is true that there are many lenders who offer us more than € 1,000, there are two that stand out particularly for their low interest:

– Currency Now: get up to € 5,000, regardless of whether you are in ASNEF and without the need for an endorsement. You will also enjoy one of the fastest services on the market, in less than 5 minutes you will have the money in your account. The APR ranges from 5% per month, a VERY competitive percentage.

– Project Credit: get up to € 6,000 in just 15 minutes, for the project you need. Take advantage of one of the most competitive interest rates in the market, from 5% APR.

  • Less than € 1,000

There is also quick and safe financing for treatments that are not that expensive. Thanks to the mini-credits we can enjoy that little help that can save us in any situation, not only when it comes to financing a treatment in a dental clinic.

These mini-loans are characterized by being returned within 30 days and the amount to be requested does not exceed € 1,000.

These urgent financing services are designed to have the money we need at the same time we need it. That’s why your speed at the time of processing your application and entering the money in your account.

In less than 10 minutes you can have that extra entered in your account.


In short, there are many options and facilities to finance any type of intervention or unforeseen that we have in our daily lives.

And if we are in treatment at Solberg and we have a linked loan we should not worry about the current situation of the entity. Why?

Well, as we mentioned in the article if it were the unlikely option that closes our Solberg clinic for accusations of tax fraud and scams we can complain to the specialized departments in these procedures and cancel the loan.

Cash advance online that finance your sight

Cash advance online that finance your sight

The determined characteristics of the mini online loans have made this type of credits an alternative when financing health-related interventions. Internet microcredits are characterized mainly by speed (the application process lasts a few minutes, does not require prior linkage and paperwork is minimal) and its short repayment period (30 days maximum). These qualities, therefore, make this type of loans attractive to finance specific health problems that, as we know, usually occur without prior notice.

Why hire micro-credits online?

Cash advance online can be of great help, since, as we said, they stand out for their speed. Companies take 10 to 15 minutes to approve requests and transfer money to customer accounts. Its repayment term, in addition, is maximum 30 days and, in general, new customers can get up to 300 euros (there are even a few that can reach 750 euros for new applicants).

In the table that we attach below, we show this and more important data.

Lender Max. Cost € 100 for every 30 days Advantage I’m interested
Minicrédito Vivus Up to € 300 for new customers

(€ 1,000 for those who already are)

€ 0.00 First mini loan


Apply for
Mini credit Kredito24 Up to € 750 (also for

the new customers)

€ 34.80 Accept ASNEF Apply for
Minicrédito QuéBueno Up to € 300 for new customers

(€ 900 for those who already are)

€ 26.63 Additional discount

10% for new customers

Apply for

These characteristics of microcredits, as we said, have made them famous to cover the cost of medical interventions. Vision operations stand out as the most recurrent since more than 70% of Spaniards have a problem related to vision. Among the three most common pathologies, eyestrain (less known as presbyopia) stands out in the first place. This is followed by myopia and then astigmatism.

However, according to the “Study on vision in Spain” done by the Baviera Clinic, 22% are never reviewed. In addition, taking into account that visual impairment tends to have a worsening character, those affected need to apply a remedy or treatment quickly (either by buying appropriate glasses or by an operation) which, obviously, constitutes a cost that, normally, is unexpected. That’s why we talk about mini-credits online to deal with them.

Tips to know if microloans are instantly adapted to your needs

Before requesting mini loans online, we should know that this type of online microloans are not convenient if you do not have the security of returning it (because the term is short and the refund only).

In addition, if the economic problems are recurrent, it is not advisable to hire this type of mini-credits because it could mean getting into an endless cycle because you can run the risk of requesting a new mini loan each month and more. That is to say, that the expenses of the reimbursement of the money and the interests of the previous month should be met.

Therefore, if you belong to that 70% of those affected by visual deficiencies or to that 22% that has never been reviewed sight (perhaps because of fear of the final bill), we propose that, among the possible solutions, if a mini Instant credit could be what you need as long as you know that you can cope with your refund.

Why you should use payday loans

Why you should use payday loans

Using your debit card to pay for a few drinks at a bar seems like an obvious choice for many of us. For some, this is also an option to cut spending on the credit card. In fact, the debit card is useful: no risk of exceeding the credit limit, it is small and easily carried in your pocket and you only have to use it at the end of the evening to pay the bill.

On the other hand, you surely did not know that debit cards are much more often the victims of fraud than credit cards, not to mention the seriousness of fraud, which is greater in the case of debit cards. Your debit card contains all your money that could potentially disappear as a result of using the card on a Friday night in any bar.

There are six reasons why you should not use your debit card in a bar:

1. Dishonest employees

1. Dishonest employees


Whether it’s a bartender or a waiter, giving him your debit card could be dangerous. In order to open an account (in the early evening), almost all the bars and restaurants require that you give them your card, which means that during all your evening, the card will be out of your reach. Moreover, it is not certain that it will be kept in a secure place.

Of course, not all employees of restaurants or bars are criminal and dishonest. Even if you trust your server, there is a multitude of other people who can access your card. They can take advantage of the moment and grab your card.

2. ATM fees

Now that you are afraid to open an account in a bar, you will probably need to withdraw money from a rather suspicious ATM. It’s a bad idea too. Instead, make a detour to your bank to withdraw the necessary amount. Moreover, it is better to go to the bank around noon or even in the morning, so you will be less tempted to skip this step just before the exit.

3. Automated teller frauds

3. Automated teller frauds

Let’s say you decide to use an ATM in a bar (which is not your best idea), not only will you have to pay the withdrawal fee, but there is also a risk that someone has installed a reader of information. This reader will read all the information on your card and your bank for, then, freely use your money. You are in a bar, not in a bank. As a result, people do not pay much attention to the small window in the corner near the toilet. Believe it, learning that your card has been defrauded is not the most desirable thing after a drenched evening. Make a detour to the bank before going to the bar!

4. Absence of reward points

It is good to use your debit card because you only spend the money you actually own. You will be sure not to pick up with a big bill at the end of the evening.

On the other hand, the responsible use of your credit card can allow you to obtain points which can then allow you to have a discount on your trip, the desired purchase or, simply, allow you to buy a drink extra the next time you go out.

5. Too much spending

 5. Too much spending

Make a detour to the bank before going out also has other benefits than those mentioned above. For example, a visit to the bank before going out can guarantee you not to spend too much, especially if it’s a bad habit you already have. By removing a certain amount, it’s like creating the evening’s budget. As a result, you will always have control over your expenses during the evening.

6. Manage fraud

Having to manage your credit card fraud is one of the most difficult tasks. Also, let’s say you notice the fraud a month after it has occurred. You will have a lot of trouble getting your money back because the rules of each bank vary. In some cases, you will not even be able to recover stolen money from your account.

The debit card is useful. On the other hand, the risks of using it in certain situations clearly outweigh its usefulness. Plan your trip and consider making a withdrawal at the bank. Thus, you will avoid a lot of trouble. Believe it, your landlord will not be concerned about your card fraud when it’s time to pay the rent.

If you ever got caught by one of these scams, you can apply for a quick and easy payday loan to fill your temporary needs.

Forsa survey for smava: installment credits ahead of credit facilities

Forsa survey for smava: installment credits ahead of credit facilities

Image result for installment creditCar loan remains one of the most widely used forms of financing for German consumers. – Photo: shutterstock

The market and opinion research institute Forsa has asked over 1,000 borrowers for smava and has found that installment loans continue to be the most popular form of financing for private financing. Of all the individuals who have benefited from funding over the past 12 months, 23 percent chose this form of loan, followed by discretionary credits (12 percent), real estate loans (6 percent) and mortgage lending (6 percent).

Of those borrowers who opted for a installment loan, 20 percent even took more than one installment loan during the period.

Car finance continues to be number one

Most installment borrowers chose financing to buy a new or used car or motorcycle (41 percent). This is followed by financing for durables such as As computer, television, washing machine (36 percent) and expenses for the own home such. For moving, furniture or renovation (16 percent). 4th place proves the rescheduling (10 percent).

Further uses include the settlement of the disposition credit (9 percent), the financing of training and continuing education (4 percent), celebrations, travel and commercial use (1 percent each).

Installment loans Uses 2016 Men finance more often than women – and more

The typical installment borrower in Germany is 48 years old, married and has an average net household income of 2,950 euros (together with a spouse or partner).

In general, installment loans are more frequently taken up by men than by women (53 percent versus 47 percent). Men also use significantly higher sums of money (10,567 euros compared to 7,964 euros for women). In Germany-wide installment loans of 9,330 euros are taken with a term of 35 months.

About the study

The study was carried out between 15 June and 3 July 2016 on behalf of the online credit comparison portal smava ( by the market research institute Forsa. 1013 German borrowers were questioned.