What happens with the Solberg loans?

With regard to this issue, the OCU ( Organization of Consumers and Users ) has been pronounced, and it has cleared of all doubt what will happen in the event of the closure of the Solberg clinic.

In the statement, they say that all Solberg clients will be able to cancel their loans if they do not receive the treatment or if they close the clinic in question.

They leave no doubt in this regard for which users can rest easy.

” Loans can be canceled if the service is not received ” – OCU

The statement presented by the OCU is clear because it says that all people who have a loan linked to a Solberg Clinic treatment can cancel it if they stop providing the contracted service.

So if we are in this situation that we do not know what will happen with the loan we have purchased with the Solberg Clinic to perform any dental service, we should not worry because in case we stop performing the treatment or close our clinic For money laundering or tax fraud, we can cancel the loan.

In any case, this scenario in which Solberg entities close is unlikely. The sources close to the investigation on the subject affirm that the operation of the franchises should not be affected.

Just in case, to prevent health, the OCU advises that you keep any document that shows the link of the loan to the Solberg CLINIC services, (such as budgets, bills, contracts, financing documentation, etc … )

With this documentation, and in the event that our clinic closes, we must go to the Consumer Services or Police Station to make the corresponding report and be able to complete the procedures for the cancellation of the loan.

How to finance my treatment at another clinic?

If our Solberg clinic closes or if we would like to receive treatment in any other clinic and we do not have the money, or we want to finance it with a serious entity and with guarantees, we have several options.

Depending on the amount that we want we will be more convenient some entities or others, from our website we have searched for the best online loans and we offer them in one place.

Let’s look at the most profitable and safe options, whether you need more than € 1,000 or less than € 1,000.

  • More than € 1,000

Many of the clinical or dental treatments are quite expensive, and as a rule, we do not have the money to face these payments. In order to finance these treatments, we will need a loan of more than € 1,000 as a general rule.

Luckily, there are many types of loans that we can request without having to contract linked products.

Although it is true that there are many lenders who offer us more than € 1,000, there are two that stand out particularly for their low interest:

– Currency Now: get up to € 5,000, regardless of whether you are in ASNEF and without the need for an endorsement. You will also enjoy one of the fastest services on the market, in less than 5 minutes you will have the money in your account. The APR ranges from 5% per month, a VERY competitive percentage.

– Project Credit: get up to € 6,000 in just 15 minutes, for the project you need. Take advantage of one of the most competitive interest rates in the market, from 5% APR.

  • Less than € 1,000

There is also quick and safe financing for treatments that are not that expensive. Thanks to the mini-credits we can enjoy that little help that can save us in any situation, not only when it comes to financing a treatment in a dental clinic.

These mini-loans are characterized by being returned within 30 days and the amount to be requested does not exceed € 1,000.

These urgent financing services are designed to have the money we need at the same time we need it. That’s why your speed at the time of processing your application and entering the money in your account.

In less than 10 minutes you can have that extra entered in your account.


In short, there are many options and facilities to finance any type of intervention or unforeseen that we have in our daily lives.

And if we are in treatment at Solberg and we have a linked loan we should not worry about the current situation of the entity. Why?

Well, as we mentioned in the article if it were the unlikely option that closes our Solberg clinic for accusations of tax fraud and scams we can complain to the specialized departments in these procedures and cancel the loan.