Cash advance online that finance your sight

The determined characteristics of the mini online loans have made this type of credits an alternative when financing health-related interventions. Internet microcredits are characterized mainly by speed (the application process lasts a few minutes, does not require prior linkage and paperwork is minimal) and its short repayment period (30 days maximum). These qualities, therefore, make this type of loans attractive to finance specific health problems that, as we know, usually occur without prior notice.

Why hire micro-credits online?

Cash advance online can be of great help, since, as we said, they stand out for their speed. Companies take 10 to 15 minutes to approve requests and transfer money to customer accounts. Its repayment term, in addition, is maximum 30 days and, in general, new customers can get up to 300 euros (there are even a few that can reach 750 euros for new applicants).

In the table that we attach below, we show this and more important data.

Lender Max. Cost € 100 for every 30 days Advantage I’m interested
Minicrédito Vivus Up to € 300 for new customers

(€ 1,000 for those who already are)

€ 0.00 First mini loan


Apply for
Mini credit Kredito24 Up to € 750 (also for

the new customers)

€ 34.80 Accept ASNEF Apply for
Minicrédito QuéBueno Up to € 300 for new customers

(€ 900 for those who already are)

€ 26.63 Additional discount

10% for new customers

Apply for

These characteristics of microcredits, as we said, have made them famous to cover the cost of medical interventions. Vision operations stand out as the most recurrent since more than 70% of Spaniards have a problem related to vision. Among the three most common pathologies, eyestrain (less known as presbyopia) stands out in the first place. This is followed by myopia and then astigmatism.

However, according to the “Study on vision in Spain” done by the Baviera Clinic, 22% are never reviewed. In addition, taking into account that visual impairment tends to have a worsening character, those affected need to apply a remedy or treatment quickly (either by buying appropriate glasses or by an operation) which, obviously, constitutes a cost that, normally, is unexpected. That’s why we talk about mini-credits online to deal with them.

Tips to know if microloans are instantly adapted to your needs

Before requesting mini loans online, we should know that this type of online microloans are not convenient if you do not have the security of returning it (because the term is short and the refund only).

In addition, if the economic problems are recurrent, it is not advisable to hire this type of mini-credits because it could mean getting into an endless cycle because you can run the risk of requesting a new mini loan each month and more. That is to say, that the expenses of the reimbursement of the money and the interests of the previous month should be met.

Therefore, if you belong to that 70% of those affected by visual deficiencies or to that 22% that has never been reviewed sight (perhaps because of fear of the final bill), we propose that, among the possible solutions, if a mini Instant credit could be what you need as long as you know that you can cope with your refund.