Why you should use payday loans

Using your debit card to pay for a few drinks at a bar seems like an obvious choice for many of us. For some, this is also an option to cut spending on the credit card. In fact, the debit card is useful: no risk of exceeding the credit limit, it is small and easily carried in your pocket and you only have to use it at the end of the evening to pay the bill.

On the other hand, you surely did not know that debit cards are much more often the victims of fraud than credit cards, not to mention the seriousness of fraud, which is greater in the case of debit cards. Your debit card contains all your money that could potentially disappear as a result of using the card on a Friday night in any bar.

There are six reasons why you should not use your debit card in a bar:

1. Dishonest employees

1. Dishonest employees


Whether it’s a bartender or a waiter, giving him your debit card could be dangerous. In order to open an account (in the early evening), almost all the bars and restaurants require that you give them your card, which means that during all your evening, the card will be out of your reach. Moreover, it is not certain that it will be kept in a secure place.

Of course, not all employees of restaurants or bars are criminal and dishonest. Even if you trust your server, there is a multitude of other people who can access your card. They can take advantage of the moment and grab your card.

2. ATM fees

Now that you are afraid to open an account in a bar, you will probably need to withdraw money from a rather suspicious ATM. It’s a bad idea too. Instead, make a detour to your bank to withdraw the necessary amount. Moreover, it is better to go to the bank around noon or even in the morning, so you will be less tempted to skip this step just before the exit.

3. Automated teller frauds

3. Automated teller frauds

Let’s say you decide to use an ATM in a bar (which is not your best idea), not only will you have to pay the withdrawal fee, but there is also a risk that someone has installed a reader of information. This reader will read all the information on your card and your bank for, then, freely use your money. You are in a bar, not in a bank. As a result, people do not pay much attention to the small window in the corner near the toilet. Believe it, learning that your card has been defrauded is not the most desirable thing after a drenched evening. Make a detour to the bank before going to the bar!

4. Absence of reward points

It is good to use your debit card because you only spend the money you actually own. You will be sure not to pick up with a big bill at the end of the evening.

On the other hand, the responsible use of your credit card can allow you to obtain points which can then allow you to have a discount on your trip, the desired purchase or, simply, allow you to buy a drink extra the next time you go out.

5. Too much spending

 5. Too much spending

Make a detour to the bank before going out also has other benefits than those mentioned above. For example, a visit to the bank before going out can guarantee you not to spend too much, especially if it’s a bad habit you already have. By removing a certain amount, it’s like creating the evening’s budget. As a result, you will always have control over your expenses during the evening.

6. Manage fraud

Having to manage your credit card fraud is one of the most difficult tasks. Also, let’s say you notice the fraud a month after it has occurred. You will have a lot of trouble getting your money back because the rules of each bank vary. In some cases, you will not even be able to recover stolen money from your account.

The debit card is useful. On the other hand, the risks of using it in certain situations clearly outweigh its usefulness. Plan your trip and consider making a withdrawal at the bank. Thus, you will avoid a lot of trouble. Believe it, your landlord will not be concerned about your card fraud when it’s time to pay the rent.

If you ever got caught by one of these scams, you can apply for a quick and easy payday loan to fill your temporary needs.